Okinawa, Japan | Part 3: Colors and Nature of Naha


The natural rustic charm, unintentional refinement: these are what give Okinawa its unique aesthetic. In part 1 and part 2 of this series I wanted to share the unique elements of Naha through its subtleness and weathered spirit. In both posts there is one element essential that has been quietly overlooked: the colors of this unique region.


While walking through the streets one can’t help but feel the folk art seeping into the structures. The spirit of the people in this region is quite different from mainland Japan. I see it in the street art, and in the casual maintenance of buildings and vehicles. The colors are sometimes vivid and tropical and at others a deep refined beauty. The surroundings of the artists inspire patterns on pottery, the feeling is rough and warm. While surprising reds burst out from hidden passages. The local nature is in the city, and in the folk art.

OkinawaJapanColors16Okinawacolors4 Okinawacolors5 Okinawacolors6 Okinawacolors7 Okinawacolors8 Okinawacolors9 Okinawacolors10 Okinawacolors12 Okinawacolors13

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