Kagoshima, Japan | Kura “Green”

Kagoshima Kura 18

The old name for this area is Satsuma. Kagoshima is a large prefecture with rugged verdant mountains. We recently paid a visit to our family’s property at the edge of the bay. Ash constantly billows out of Sakurajima, the local active volcano in the center of the bay. It is a rugged landscape with many interesting crafts and buildings. The nature and environment inspire and are a part of the regional crafts.

Inspired by this song.

Kagoshima Kura 27

Large earthenware jars containing a local specialty, black vinegar. The grass and trees fill the lacunas of empty streets and houses. The air is redolent of early spring, and ponkan blossoms.

Kagoshima Kura 26

A narrow foot path that leads to the local graveyard. The over-growing plants are enchanting.

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