Kagoshima, Japan | Kura “Grey”

Kagoshima Kura 7

The dark and damp kura; in English it means storehouse, or barn. However, there are so many types of kura. They are a treasure box for rediscovering the past of rural Japan. The kura is also a place to find inspiration; the color, the texture, the clash of man-made and nature is beauty in simplicity. The aesthetic to this story is mono no aware, known in English as the “Pathos of Things”. Now let me be clear that I am stretching the meaning quite a bit here to suit this instance. In the Kura “Green” post I tried to show the living part of this village, but the other half is here inside the buildings where people once loved and lived.

This track by Hammock helps me explain much better than I can with words.

Kagoshima Kura 17

I see the aesthetic transpire here through the stories of this house, and the people who lived in it. There is a distant echo from the past that has a beautiful ring to it. I envisage that while walking and around and searching through the dark kura. The beauty is that life isn’t forever and things die and are reborn in different ways. Maybe this land and  these structures could serve a future purpose?
Kagoshima Kura 8

The passage of time has taken its toll on this place, the ash has accumulated. The volcano that lurks in the mist outside the window is a reminder of how fragile this place is. I find happiness in the sadness. The sadness that this place is slowly dying and the people are moving to more urban areas. The culture of this small village won’t be here forever. The happiness I find is that there is always a chance that this place can be revived or reborn.
Kagoshima Kura 1

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