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Many of you are familiar with the Kapital clothing brand, some may even be well-versed in the anthology of catalogs they have done over the years. I asked Kvatek if he would go through and choose what he felt were the iconic shots. The ones that brought together the unique clothing and Kvatek’s story telling. Eric has a skill for taking readers on a visual journey through exotic locations, with fantastic people blended with Kiro’s incredible clothing. He captures so much in his photos and expresses a grit and aesthetic that is difficult to put into words. The images bring the clothing to life, and that is why I think Kapital has such unique and interesting creations. Enjoy.

The thing I love about Kiro is that when I presented the concept of bone wielding rebels running around the jungle and girls bound in front of a firing-squad he never flinched or hesitated.


2005 06 Denim Monster, New York- “For the first time I shot the Kapital book, I got my friends together and we cruised around shooting in my neighborhood, the Lower East Side. This shot is at the Max Fish bar.”


2005 09 Blue Bear, Ohio- “My motorcycles and my father on his farm. All three bikes were hand built by my father, my cousin and me.”


2005 12 Chubirasan, Okinawa- “I was really thrilled to find this break-dancing kid. He really went all out.”


2006 03 Hooligan Sailors, the Philippines- “I wrote a story for the catalog and each segment was fairly autobiographical. The sailors were all friends of mine and the locals were all friends that I had made over the years.”


2006 06 Aloha Brigade, Maui- “The man in this photo is my friend Wendell. He is a legendary big wave surfer and a true Hawaiian. We rarely see each other but when we do it is as if no time has passed. Once again I wrote a story for this catalog and it was a true story about my experiences with my Native American grandfather. I tell the story of our last days together before he dies. My memory of him was with me throughout the shooting for this Kapital book. I hoped that in this way I could honor him.”


2006 09 Hells Kitchen Angels, NYC- “I begged my friend Alan to be in a few shots and he reluctantly agreed.”


2006 12 Freedom, Joshua Tree- “The theme of this book was after an apocalypse at the end of the world. It’s still one of my favorites.”


2007 03 Denimism, Bangkok- “All I can say is that I loved shooting this.”


2007 06 Legend camp, upstate New York- “In this photo you see a 300 year old stone wall. It is wondrous to me that here these Kapital guys are, and before them, British Red Coats marched, slaves traveled to freedom, and all sorts of horses were galloped and lead.”


2007 09 Max Island, Hawaii- “The thing I love about Kiro is that when I presented the concept of bone wielding rebels running around the jungle and girls bound in front of a firing-squad he never flinched or hesitated. He just started making these crazy masks.”


2007 12 Sea Gypsies, Thailand- “Thailand is amazing.”


2008 05 Totem Life, Alaska- “Many people go to Alaska for seasonal work and there’s a lot of hitchhiking and meandering that goes along with that. I worked there in the early 90’s and I really wanted to capture the way it felt.”


2008 09 Jeans for Abique, New Mexico- “This woman was one of the model’s blind mother. I begged her to be in a photo and eventually she agreed. I wish she could have seen the photos.”


2009 01 The Earth Style, Tanzania- “This is a mix of the Maasai’s own clothing and some Kapital bags. That was a very memorable day for me.”


2009 05 Innocent World, Iceland- “Iceland in the summer is like a beautiful nightless paradise. Lucky for me their custom agents didn’t hassle me for arriving with a duffelbag full of bones, antlers and horns.”


2009 09 Azure Anarchy, Rio De Janeiro- “Brazil customs held the box with the men’s pants until the very last day of the shoot. As a result, we ended up shooting all the men’s pants shots the last morning in two hours. Despite this inconvenience, shooting in Rio was awesome.”


2010 01 Deniming for Sunken Treasure, Bali- “The main inspiration for the Bali book was scuba diving. (And then there’s some skulls and bikers and fire walking mixed in.) As a certified scuba diver, I was obsessed with gathering all the vintage diving props. I really wanted it to be right.”


2010 05 Go West, Oregon- “Thanks to Nicola our hair/make-up artist we were super hooked up in Oregon. Thanks Nicola!”


2010 09 Farmy, Ohio- “If shooting in my dad’s backyard once wasn’t enough, we decided to do it again. Anousha, one of our models came all the way from Germany. She ended up falling in love with this local Ohio guy sitting inside the tire. They ended up spending the next year together in Germany and Africa. You never know what’s going to happen. I like that about the Kapital shoots, and I guess life in general.”


2011 01 Blue Men, Morocco- “I brought a few people I know to Morocco but all the locals were street cast. So we had a stunt man, a kid that worked at a pharmacy, a hot tub salesman, a few students. I don’t think any of them had any experience but they all really nailed it.”


2011 05 Colorado Hippies, Colorado- “Running around in the snow with this crew and a giant husky at 10,000 feet pretty much was amazing. Nobody could breath. Well, the dog could breath.”


2011 09 Surf Cowboys, Australia- “Kiro and I were talking and we both said at the same time it would be cool to shoot some denim mermaids. I forgot about that idea but then 2 months later he showed up in Australia with these denim mermaid tails.”


2012 01 Indigo Indio, Mexico- “We went to Mexico at a time when many people were avoiding it. It was one of my favorite shoots ever.”


2012 05 Kapital City, Budapest and Vienna- “One of my grandfathers is from Hungary, so it was really cool for me to shoot there. Budapest is incredible.”


2012 09 Hooligan Ivy, Scotland- “Kiro made up this concept, Hooligan Ivy. So I cast this Glasgow beat cop as a model. He would work all night enforcing the law and then show up at our shoot and work another 10 hours.”


2013 01 Diamonds in the Rough, Oahu- “So Kiro had this idea to bring our father’s together. I love this photo.”

Thanks again to Eric Kvatek for the insight, comments, and photos.

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