Kapital | Century Jeans 7S (Sumi) 5 Months

Kagoshima Century Denim 7S 4

I picked these up in September of 2012 at the Kobe release. I have been pretty kind to this pair, and the wear has been much less intense compared with the 5S. I wanted to milestone these here before I add the kakishibu coating to them. I thought they really look at home on the farm in Kagoshima. The vest I am wearing is a special repair piece by Brown Tabby Works. Real vintage, repaired by Narita-san.
Kagoshima Century Denim 7S 2 Kagoshima Century Denim 7S 3

Because of the sharper contrast on the 7S the texture is much more defined. The indigo seems to catch the eye and then draw it slowly to the sumi denim. As you may notice there is some staining from kakishibu tanning and wiping my hands on the front and rear of the thighs. I am hoping after coating them, a 墨芯 “sumishin” effect will emerge. Once coated, the brown will fade and give life to the heart of the sumi color of the denim.

Kagoshima Century Denim 7S 5 Kagoshima Century Denim 7S 1

Century Denim 7S

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