Repair | The Backside Patch

Reverse-side patch 7

This is the second post in the series of repair. In the first post I explained the Front-side patch. This time we will do a backside or reverse-side repair. This repair is useful for lined garments, but can be used the same as a front-side patch. Again these repairs are a matter of personal taste so please chose your patch fabric carefully. In this case Narita-san used denim jacket scraps to patch this shirt.

Reverse-side patch 6

This denim shirt was stained and so the stained part was cut out. Around the cutout area it is best to make little cuts around the hole to make the fabric easier to fold inside.

Reverse-side patch 5

Back patch in place, it is now time to stitch. In this repair we used a machine, however this can just as easily be done with a needle and thread with an overhand stitch.

Reverse-side patch 4

First, sew the outside edge of the patch, so feel free to use a patch that is large and trim off the excess later. If you do this by hand sewing the patch, use a running stitch around the edge.

Reverse-side patch 2

After stitching the edge of the patch, sew around the hole.

Reverse-side patch 1

Run another line of stitch around one more time if you are using a machine. This will add some puckering and will keep the repair from looking too perfect. If you do a hand stitch here use an overhand stitch.

Reverse-side patch 3

Voila! Depending on the patch used you can even stitch up some of the patch fabric to break up the color and add a little more texture to the repair.

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