Repair | Pocket Patching

Pocket Patching 1 This is the final post in this series on repair. In the last post Narita-san demonstrated The Hand-Darn. This time he will show you how to patch your pockets. Believe it or not, the most frequent repair for jeans are the pocket bags. With custom made jeans the pocket bags could be any sort of fabric. In this repair my personal pair of Albuquerque jeans needed some holes patched in the pockets. Bandannas are probably not the best material for pocket bags, but with some regular maintenance you can keep them functional. Plus after several patches the result is a hidden-beauty that the wearer can really appreciate. Start off with a soft cotton thread (egyptian cotton works best) and a standard hand-sewing needle. Pocket Patching 2 The front-side patch is used here effectively to cover the holes, and to avoid additional tearing around the patch. Usually sewing machines stitches have too much tension for such delicate fabric, so hand-stitching is required. The overhand stitch is the most practical here, as it is best to use many small stitches. Pocket Patching 3 Thank you all for reading the repair series. I have enjoyed the feedback thus far, and I am happy to know that this has been helpful to some of you.

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