Tezomeya Summer | Natural Dyes in Nature

These are a few of the Tezomeya products I will be showing this summer. I wanted to show how these shirts fit and can be styled with a variety of color and texture.

Tezomeya Summer Part 2 1

Kihada and indigo shibori t-shirt, blends so well with greens and browns.

Tezomeya Summer Part 2 2

Tezomeya Summer Part 2 3

Indigo basque shirt, and washi scarf. Meditating and contemplating the indigo spirit. Tezomeya 2013

This background is a wall of a kura that burned down some years ago. The walls were baked like bizen stoneware. Fujinezu color contrasts the orange-brown of the background.

Tezomeya Summer Part 2 5

Here I am wearing the Oitake color basque shirt. I really like how the blue stripes play with this medium light green tone. Tezomeya Summer Part 2

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