Osaka | Rust – American and Japanese Antiques

Rust Osaka 2013 3

Rust: The inevitable conclusion of metal, moisture, and oxygen. That is the Shibui aesthetic I am always searching for. It is a moment in time for an object to be regarded as an object. The age, the character, the deterioration are the savory flavors of the passage of time. Rust is one of the shibui flavors and colors.

Rust Osaka 2013 20

In the heart of Nipponbashi, just a hairsbreadth from Namba station you will find the small enclave of Rust. The owner Kazumi, changed the space from a cafe to a store a year and a half ago. She is a cute and sweet lady, and her taste for rust runs deep. The products on display are good timeless pieces, nothing extremely rare or ridiculous, affordably priced and in condition that an oxide connoisseur would appreciate. A flea market collection, consisting of American and Nippon antiques. Brass luggage tags, antique parts, BUShips clocks, factory lockers, clamps, and an unimaginable mental mountain of more rusty finds.  Be sure to stop by to chat with her about Osaka and her rusty treasures if you are in the area. Follow this link for directions and location.

Rust Osaka 2013 1

Rust Osaka 2013 9 Rust Osaka 2013 17

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