A Film Journey – 3 Disposable Cameras

3 disposable cameras and a lot of miles, this is the culmination of those ingredients. No narrative this time folks.

Door Chicago Chinese Chicago The EL Orleans Pavement Obstruction EL Illinois Sky Straight Corn Boarders Blurred Galesburg Blues Singers Was an Overall Co. Was the Overall Factory Widow Seat Rode Hard Put Away Damp Samantha Communist Chucks Hollows Good ol' Boy The Dude Inspector Furuhata 1880 The Red Bottle SFPD Closely Cropped Tagged and Toasted Red Horns Brown Bricks

3 thoughts on “A Film Journey – 3 Disposable Cameras

  1. Looks like you made your way through Galesburg, Illinois. My alma mater, Knox College, is in that town. What were you doing there?

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