BTWXTBA | Cattle Hustler Jacket

Cattle Hustler Jacket 1

Repair is all about what is at hand and utilizing as best you can. In this case there was a starting point. This old Lee Storm Rider Coat had a few circle patches already. We added many more to create a kind of traveller repair. Please take note of the subtle bandana repairs; we imagined a “cattle hustler” would always carry a bandana. Collecting denim scraps along life on the road.

Cattle Hustler Jacket 2

The coat has a nice blonde denim colour, so we wanted to create a type of tiled fade with the patches. Each of the patches are sewn under the fleece liner, so the lining is stitch free. Cattle Hustler Jacket 3

The different tone of denim patches has an aged repair feel to it. After a wash or two it will look even better!

Cattle Hustler Jacket 4

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