Inspiration 2014 Preview | Part 2: Tezomeya

Inspiration 2014 Tezomeya 7

So I thought I would shed a little light on what we are cooking up at Tezomeya for Inspiration this year.

Inspiration 2014 Tezomeya 8

We will be featuring the wide assortment of natural dyes. So look forward to the basque shirts.Inspiration 2014 Tezomeya 1

Inspiration 2014 Tezomeya 3

We will also be featuring a new product that I asked Masaaki to make: a v-neck pocket-t. This will be available in the full range of colors and sizes and only at our booth.Inspiration 2014 Tezomeya 6

Most of the other products I had featured this summer will also be available, such as the Japanese paper woven scarf, long sleeve and short sleeve t’s, and other goodies. So please take advantage of this chance to look at most of the available products first-hand. We are also planning on running an indigo vat both days and maybe even some kakishibu. See you there!
Inspiration 2014 Tezomeya 4 Inspiration 2014 Tezomeya 5 Inspiration 2014 Tezomeya 2

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