Kapital | Sailor Hakama Pants


First off I have to thank Cory Piehowicz aka Bandit Photographer for the photos he took in Los Angeles during the Inspiration LA weekend. He has a unique style to his editing and I think he captured the essence of what I was after. Thank you

These Hakama Sailor Pants are simple, but complicated in the way they are constructed. First off, the legs are each made of one piece of fabric. That means there is no outside seam. Secondly, there are six pockets layered like origami around the hips. The pockets add incredible versatile function to these pants. Carrying heavy items in the large side pockets doesn’t pull on the waist, and everything stored in the hip pockets are easily accessible.

The 10oz. sumi (grey) and indigo hickory stripe denim means they’re soft and comfortable. The silhouette is similar to hakama: high waist and weighted around the hips. Triple chain-stitched inseams, and bar-tacks on stress points are the high-quality finishing details. These pants are a really good example of what Kapital does so well, top-notch design and build quality. A perfect blend of Japanese subtly (color and simple design) and Western work-wear functionality that makes, perfect sense.

Kapital Hakama Sailor Pants 2 Kapital Hakama Sailor Pants 3 Kapital Hakama Sailor Pants 1

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