Inside-out Blanket Jacket

I have had this Lee jacket sitting around. The denim shell had a few bleach marks but in overall perfect condition. The blanket lining as well was in tip-top shape. Talking with Narita-san about blanket lined jackets we got to the topic of inside-out. Most of the time the jackets have back-side stitched pockets, and or bag pockets. These don’t work. The pockets can’t be relocated to the lining. However these old Lee jackets, and a few chore coats could be flipped. Inside Out Blanket Jacket 1


This is the first one I have completed. It was smooth sailing for most of it since the liner was in such great condition. The tough part is sewing the collar on, and reversing the zipper. These Lee jackets all came with sewn on buttons so it made the job much easier. The collar will definitely need a little coercion to stay in place. Once the jacket is turned inside-out the shape is a bit more chunky. There are a few hand sewn details I had to do since my sewing machine wouldn’t cooperate 100% of the time. I think it adds a bit more homemade feel to it. The stitching wasn’t the prettiest work I’ve done but it is all solidly pieced together.

Inside Out Blanket Jacket 4 Inside Out Blanket Jacket 5 Inside Out Blanket Jacket 3 Inside Out Blanket Jacket 2

Now the jacket proudly sports its beautiful blanket lining on the outside instead of being wasted hidden and tucked away as a liner. The jacket is currently available on my Etsy page. We are working on a few more of these in the coming months so keep an eye out!

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