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Finally Osaka has a Kapital store. It is the 17th store for Kapital, and the 3rd store in the Kansai area. The layout is centered on the Denim Bar, and has many similarities to the Soho store in Kojima. The various types of patchwork wood around the bar and the carved wood adds warmth and texture to the atmosphere.  The seats around the denim bar are entirely made from bicycle parts. The store is on the 5th Floor of the Hankyu Men’s Department Store.

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The Santo Domingo Jacket series comprises of special items available only at the Osaka store for early purchase. Kapital Osaka Hankyu Men's 14The store encompasses many themes from many different eras. The bulk of the items are in men’s sizes and geared towards male customers but there are of course smaller sizes available for women as well. Kapital Osaka Hankyu Men's 13 Kapital Osaka Hankyu Men's 7

There are also some limited Osaka-only items from Kountry. A bag or two, and several clothing items as well.Kapital Osaka Hankyu Men's 5

The Santo Domingo coverall and 5 pocket pants are also available exclusively at this store. Make sure to check these out when stopping by. Kapital Osaka Hankyu Men's 1