I live in Osaka, Japan. I have wide interests but focus mainly on; photography, Japanese fashion, design, old textiles, organic-dyeing, Japanese textiles, leather crafts, and vintage work-wear. I have been using a Fuji XE-1 with a 35mm lens since October 2013 for the photographs here.

This blog is a space for my interests. I hope to influence my readers, to follow me and contribute to each post. My hope is this space becomes an almanac of people and ideas that are an interest to what I have started here. I never pay for clicks, or advertising. My drive to find like-minded people and always have this content challenged to constantly improve and mature. My dream is that people will migrate to this space to contribute and be apart of this project with me. Thank you for reading this blog.

StyleSight interview.

Please contact me if you have any questions: bandanna.almanac@gmail.com



9 thoughts on “About

  1. Yo man,
    LOVE the write ups on Kapital – they’re my favourite.
    Do you know anywhere that sells them in America?

  2. Good afternoon, Jonathan!
    My name is Ioland WUTZL, I am fashion editor, from Brazil http://www.guiajeanswear.com.br the portal.
    I am very interested in visiting Japan in October 2013, to get to know these gems of Denim you have.
    I loved their stories, I would like to join us on our visits, where could you help us?
    Unfortunately I don’t know that market enough and I feel that your opinion
    could be very valuable.
    Thanks a lot for your collaboration,

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