Boots Almanac Issue 1 – A reader contributed selection

Pure Blue Japan X Moto Pecos Mister Freedom Buckaroos X John Lofgren Engineers

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Albuquerque People


This is a way of saying thanks to the people who bought the Albuquerque Jeans. I tried to personally meet as many of the people who purchased a pair in the first run. Thank you for taking the time and investing your interest into this project. Without the customer I couldn’t conclude the story.

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Moto Leather | Pecos Boots

Moto Leather Pecos Boots Front

Moto Leather Pecos Boots Front

Moto Leather is the culmination of Hideo Motoike’s lifelong collection of vintage oddities. You can read more on that story here. A leather artist and a connoisseur of vintage his products are top-notch. The thing that really sold me on these is that there is a gallery of what some of the boots and shoes look like after years of wear. I really like that I can see how the various types of leather age over time. Have a look at their products and I am sure you can feel their sense of old-world craftsmanship.

Moto Leather Pecos Boots Side

Pecos boots are as American as Texas toast, and at home on oil fields. I really like the simple understated brown cow leather on this pair with the leather sole. I love square heels that are low they look cool and are really comfortable. Light as a feather and they feel durable. The sole and  Vibram heels can easily be replaced once they wear out. I was also drawn by the lack of any branding; just a simple “Made In Japan” stamped on the sole.

Moto Leather Pecos Boots Back