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Kakishibu Hanpu Trousers 4 Over the last several months John and I have been working on developing a product. Since it was our first trial together we decided to keep it simple and do a pair of pants. I found this really fantastic hanpu or sail cloth mill in Okayama a few years ago. They use vintage Belgian looms and weave an incredible canvas on them. A nice sturdy canvas with just the right softness and weight for summer. I imagine this would have been the same weight that sailors would have used to make sail cloth pants during the age of sailing ships.

Kakishibu Hanpu Trousers 3

This same mill also dyed the fabric with kakishibu. This persimmon tannin does not make the fabric hard or stiff because it applied with a mixture of water and tannin. The color has a washed look to it which adds much more character to the pants.

Kakishibu Hanpu Trousers 1

The pants are finished off with simple metal buttons. The entire pants are sewn with 100% cotton thread. They come true to size and are available in 30,32,34, and 36 inch waists. The silhouette is wide with a slight taper to it, with a normal rise.

Kakishibu Hanpu Trousers 2

John Lofgren’s products are made in Japan and to the highest quality standards. The color and fabric combination have a nice mix of Japanese and Western style to them.

Please purchase a pair here

Kakishibu Hanpu Trousers 5

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John Lofgren & Co. | Ecru Chambray Work Shirt

John Lofgren & Co. Ecru Chambray Shirt Front Shoulder

Ecru in Japanese is called “kinari” and is raw and unbleached. John Lofgren & Co. have used this kinari to make a simple and versatile shirt. The soft and natural ecru chambray reflects light in a more gentle way. It just looks softer. There is a very subtle natural beauty to the tiny flecks of cotton plant remnants in the fibers. It isn’t just a “white” shirt, but the only “white shirt” you’ll need. You can pick this up here.

John Lofgren & Co. Ecru Chambray Work Shirt Collar

The contrast stitching and natural Tagua Palm Nut buttons compliment the soft white glow, and also bring out the little cotton plant flecks. With the right layering and style this could easily be worn all-year-round. John Lofgren & Co. Ecru Chambray Work Shirt Selvedge Open Collar

Again John Lofgren maintains absolute top quality in his products. Felled-seams, over-run chain stitching, and selvedge details expemplify these high standards. John Lofgren & Co. Ecru Chambray Work Shirt Selvedge Gusset John Lofgren & Co. Ecru Chambray Work Shirt Front Pocket Fabric Texture After Wash John Lofgren & Co. Ecru Chambray Work Shirt Selvedge and Contrast Stitching