Barrett Alley | Magic Braid Belt

Magic Braid Belt

I recently received a lovely package from Barrett Alley. In this package was this simple but elegant braided belt. He also recently released several other new items. So please have a look at his web store and see what is new.

Sand cast buckle

The rugged natural tanned leather will age with unique characteristics. The Magic Braid is simple but a very comfortable belt to wear. The cool thing I found with this belt that really got me excited was the sand cast brass buckle. Made one at a time in a Texas foundry, and every one in a different and separate mold. I expect this will really get a fantastic patina.

Barrett Alley signature

Not to mention each belt is hand sewn, and signed by Barrett himself. Please take a look at more detailed pictures on his site, as this may be the last belt you need. Guaranteed for life…

Kapital | Spring 2013 “Hooligan Ivy”

Kapital Spring 2013 Hooligan Ivy

This is the 33rd book for Kapital. “Hooligan Ivy” is a continuation of the new direction Kapital is going with their style. Incredible leather jackets that are as hard as Edinburgh alleyways, rugby stripes, deadly sweatshirts, elegant paisleys, and countryside shooting jackets are some of the offerings this season. Keep an eye out for hand-stitched paisleys, brass bandana holders, detailed socks, and refined scarves. This is going to be one of the classics for sure.

Forward by Eric Kvatek

“What I find interesting about the two most recent Kapital books (Budapest and Scotland) is the combination of urban European locations and the line being more sophisticated and elegant.

We’ve shot in cities before (Bangkok, NYC, Rio De Janeiro) but our angle was fairly vintage, rugged and classic Kapital.

…I never felt like I’m shooting a clothing catalog. Rather, I felt like I was making a movie.

Something that excited me in particular about shooting in Scotland was that the location, the clothing, the models and the props that I collected really fit together and made sense aesthetically so that as I was shooting it, I never felt like I’m shooting a clothing catalog. Rather, I felt like I was making a movie.

So while I was casting, there were some beautiful people I could have chosen that I passed on because to me they did not fit in my “film”.  For example one of the main guys is a police officer in his normal life, another guy we used Bradley Welsh, is a notorious hooligan and fighter and appears on a British documentary Britain’s Deadliest Men.

So it is kind of refreshing and exciting to do something a little different with these European books.  The difference may be subtle, but at least for me, it is quite noticeable.  Furthermore, being based in a thriving city only helps maintain the camaraderie and excitement necessary to keep the shoot moving along. Because we do use local people as models, each night out also becomes a street casting session, or additional location hunting, or prop hunting.

When we shoot in a place like Iceland or Tanzania there might be a 2 or 3 hour drive… and I’m often driving!!!  So in Scotland, we finished shooting I only had a 10 minute drive home. we actually had time to eat, hit a pub and sleep more than 2 or 3 hours.

It was awesome!”

Also please check out the sneak peak at the Kapital Global Site.

既に33冊目となるKapitalのカタログは、その名も「HOOLIGAN IVY」。


以下は写真家 Eric Kvatek—




モデルのキャスティングも見た目の美しさだけでなく、常に“この映画”に相応しい俳優かどうかで決めていたと思う。選ばれてもおかしくないモデルが他にもいたんだけどね。例えば今回主役級だった男性は現役の警察官だし、Bradley Welshって奴も起用したんだけど、そいつなんか実は「Britain’s Deadliest Men(英国で最も凶悪な男)」っていうドキュメント番組に登場した事もある筋金入りのフーリガンなんだ。





*翻訳:K. Ito. (Special thanks to K. Ito for his translation to Japanese)

Kapital Spring 2013 Hooligan Ivy 1

Barrett Alley | Handmade in the USA

Every time I get a product from Barrett Alley it is always a nice surprise. The simple design, and unique details are what I love most about his products. Here for instance is a hand-dyed mulberry Disciple Wallet. With a whirling-log leather stamp that I sent him. The brown flap wallet, and Koshi bracelet utilize the vintage fabric I picked up in an Osaka flea market. The clever Pill Case, and Revelation Wallet are other great examples of how to utilize materials to bring out their charming luster. He is gaining ever more acclaim these days. He has done work for John Mayer and Levi’s, so please go support him and his amazing products.

Barrett also sent me a picture of the Kapital T-shirt I sent him about one year ago. The fade he has managed to wear into it is fantastic. Cannot wait to see further evolution of the color. Thank you Barrett.

Kapital | Over-dye Navy Supply Boots


I felt a bit like a sailor on shore leave walking around in Kojima port wearing these boots. Possibly someone might have done the same ages ago when this boot-shape was a popular look. The leather bottom sole, hard, unforgiving but a feeling of being connected to the earth. The “click-clack” of cold leather on the side walk is something not often heard from mens shoes anymore, as people trade the leather for the comfort of a rubber sole. The lightness and nimbleness of these shoes are perfect for Japan. Especially since changing footwear is necessary in most Japanese interiors. Laces and heft are out of the question.


Wrapped in parchment colored paper I felt like I was receiving a pair of issued Japanese navy uniform boots. Inspired by vintage Edo period style ruggedness, these boots feature canvas uppers and oil leather vamps. A hefty zipper keeps them on your feet. 


Lined with leather, the boots have been dipped in a kakishibu brown color, which turned the brown leather into a very rich 黒茶 (Black Tea) color. A melange of browns really. The silhouette is round and the narrow welt really brings a refined vintage look to them.


Depending on how the light hits them, the shadows and highlights change the texture and hues of the browns. 


Yuketen | Hunting Sole Chukka Boot

This is the excellent Yuketen Chukka boot. The original and unique design of the sole and the stitching brings out a timeless style. They are fun to look at, and enjoyable to wear.


Definitely a craftsman shoe, simple understated design. Solid, rugged construction and high quality materials that have eye-catching details. Classic but very exciting.