BTWXTBA | October Wools and Checks

This is the third set of items that Narita-san and I have finished. The temperature has finally started to fall and it is time we brought out the wools and flannels.

BTWXTBA October 2

This cardigan is a slightly altered version of the Doryman sweater. The repair spots are slightly different. Note the button-hole stitching and pocket repairs. BTWXTBA October 3

On the rear side we changed out the hickory stripe elbow pads for sakiori ones. The grey and indigo colours mix in the ecru knit really nicely. The striped pattern breaks up the background Aran patterning nicely.BTWXTBA October 1
BTWXTBA October 4

These items will be available in my Etsy store.
BTWXTBA October 5

This old Big Mac flannel shirt has all the colors of fall with the addition of some charming denim details.BTWXTBA October 6

I wanted to make the shirt more useful as an outer garment. The small coin pocket from a pair of painter pants can now function as a train ticket pocket. The large lower pocket will hold a wallet and some other small items.
BTWXTBA October 7

There are a lot of tiny darned repairs that add a subtle texture.

BTWXTBA October 9

The last items are these two Pendleton wool shirts. The leather patches contrast the subtle colours of each different check. Reminiscent of hunting jackets, the rugged homemade style is purposely simple. These two shirts have darker wool checks will be perfect for mid-fall.

BTWXTBA October 1 (1) BTWXTBA October 12 BTWXTBA October 13

Kapital Kountry | Liquor Flannel Shirt – Cornfield Damage

Inspired by the vintage flannel shirts by BIG MAC Kapital went to great lengths to recreate this thick durable flannel. The flannel is heavyweight and feels like it was made in the 1950’s. Commonly worn by truck drivers, farmers, ranchers, and almost every other working man in America. This shirt looks like it should be a workwear museum display.

The Kountry crew took their time to design this shirt. The erratic stitching and what looks like a recycled oven mitt or placemat has been used to finish the shirt. Slight off-white sashiko stitching on the quilt adds a subtle texture. Hand-stitched underside patches look really rugged, and I like the chest pockets are finished at the bottoms with contrasting fabric. It looks as though they were worn through and patched up, as though the person who wore this shirt carried around baskets of corn all day. I like the blend of slight cute and rugged, flowery prints and hard, red flannel.

Kapital Indigo Wide-Check Flannel Work Shirt

I am not the biggest fan of flannel, and most people wear them to death. So I was surprised when I found one I absolutely fell in love with. Kapital of course, put a fun twist on the most recently over-used style item around.

The overall medium-indigo tone of the shirt is tastefully paired with a natural gray. 100% cotton, heavyweight flannel ensures warmth during the colder months ahead. This subdued color combination suits Japanese traditional clothing, natural colors indigo and sumi really make this shirt special. This shirt really feels like it was crafted in a mountain cottage, the hearty cotton threads dyed by hand, and woven on an ancient wooden loom.


Classic military work-shirt pockets. Extra horizontal hole for a pencil, pen, or whatever you can imagine.


Selvedge fabric, which shows the high quality materials used in Kapital clothing.