The Doryman Sweater

I have gotten a lot of positive feed back about this sweater from readers and so I thought it best to feature it, to properly introduce it. It is for sale and if you have any questions about it please feel free to shoot me a mail.

Brown Tabby Works X The Bandanna Almanac The Dory Man Sweater 1

This Aran knit sweater was a blank canvas. The high quality wool and timeless design served as a foundation to build from. Narita-san kept with the fisherman theme, through the hickory stripe denim and dark navy stitching. This sweater reminds me of the dorymen in Winslow Homer paintings. The trusty fisherman’s sweater taking the brunt of the elements, and the wear and tear of hauling pots or hooks. The workers of old reused what they already had and modified as needed. Brown Tabby Works X The Bandanna Almanac The Dory Man Sweater 2

On the back, the hand stitched elbow patches add more character, the hickory stripe denim meshes well with the knit. The blue yarn in the darning and the denim scraps used for the pocket and elbow add rugged accents to it.

Brown Tabby Works X The Bandanna Almanac The Dory Man Sweater 3

Carefully choosing the hickory stripe denim and chest pocket to keep the old ragged appearance; Narita-san chose this dirt stained pocket. Not only to add more function to the garment but also to break up the tones a bit. Brown Tabby Works X The Bandanna Almanac The Dory Man Sweater 4

Doryman Sweater Blue Denim 1 Doryman Sweater Blue Denim 2 Doryman Sweater Blue Denim 3 Doryman Sweater Blue Denim 4

Spring Dreaming…

Spring is the season, the color is indigo and white. Although we are just in the midst of a bitterly cold winter, iridescent colors remind us that spring is just around the corner. 


This KOGIN knit is inspired by the namesake kimonos and textiles of the north areas of Japan. Kapital created this really gorgeous knit from that inspiration. The KOGIN knit is available in several different scarves, a vest, and a poncho.



Indigo blue, that dark hue to a beautiful lighter hue is the shadow check. Classic western wear style, with a Kapital touch. 3 flavors of shirts a few different colors, and denim. This year, this one pictured is my favorite. Mis-matched pockets, black opal snaps. 



The folk rose hooded sweat is an item that I really don’t think got enough love this year. The intricately embroidered contrasting roses look like a the handiwork of a mother’s love. The stringless hood is massive, and will keep your neck warm when it is worn down. 



Florals and classic patterns are the highlights of spring socks at Kapital. And just look at those fantastic bright colors.


Winter creeping into spring. Cowichan inspired socks warm the feet for winter, and the lighter shade colors will keep your mind on the coming spring.


Kapital | Indigo Fringe W Hooded Sweatshirt

What’s better than a warm snuggly hooded sweatshirt for winter?

This sweat has the Kapital massive hood on it. When it is worn down it acts like a scarf. The fringe that borders the hood and front flap of the closure was inspired by those that adorn middle eastern, and northern African traditional clothing. The double front keeps the warmth in. The useful side pockets are unobtrusive.

Kapital Kountry | January 2012

The new year has just begun but I have an underlying feeling that this year is going to be numinous. The year of the dragon; expect maybe a more salient edge from the Kapital folks.

The folks at Kountry haven’t been taking much holiday I guess, because the new items for January are variegated and definitely add a new page to their book. Look for more Kountry Home items this year, and more eccentric designs.


This Kountry pillow/cushion is really eye-catching using wool scarf scraps, and some wabash indigo cotton fabric on the reverse side. It has a really nice warm feeling about it, I am sure it would add plenty of good positive energy in any room it adorns.



This knit western shirt is reminiscent of one I recall in the Totem Life book from a few years back. This time though it is a lighter hue of indigo, buttons in addition to the snaps, plus some really loverly repairs and hand-stitching. 



Double knee pants. Canvas and corduroy, lots of subtle refined details. All of which creates this rugged feeling, but has a natural aesthetic about it. 



Indigo and bengara dyed (iron oxide dye) waffle knit shirt. The lower edge is bengara, suggesting a selvedge edge? I like the two color contrast in addition to the pocket color. Simple and unobtrusive. 



No. 4 Cisco jeans. Faded, distressed, and covered in gorgeous sashiko style stitching. These may seem vaguely similar to a previous post, as these are the second iteration of those jeans. These come in the two shades of persimmon tannin (kakishibu) and the light and dark No. 4 denim.



I am not sure what to call this bag. The sashiko-KOGIN-native bag… I suppose that will do. Native american blanket style fabric in a medium indigo hue, with sashiko KOGIN details. Big!

Kapital Socks November 2011

Socks display: new additions, beautiful colors, plenty of fun. 


Kapital X Free & Easy | Muffrad!! Special Promotional Booklet

An idea book, and lookbook just for mufflers / scarves. Variety from the current book Colorado Hippies and the book for Spring 2012 Surf Cowboys


Cover with a great Americana feel to it.


I like this very 渋い (shibui) style, perfect for ladies, but for guys really outstanding simplicity and refinement. Soft, with a rugged unobbtrusive beauty to it.


The Hard-boiled Photographer Kvatek returns with a “Essence of Native” look. Tough with a touch of warmth contrasting colors with a subtle refined theme. 


Big patterns, and bold colors go well for these massive scarves. They will definitely brighten up any of the grey weather of winter.


Love these Japanese textiles inspired items. Kountry once again brings up the edge with bold sashiko and indigo designs, to compliment practically anything. 


These new bold patterns and colors will brighten up your wardrobe and compliment anything you can throw at them. Protect your neck, with a Kapital muffler. I am sure you will fall in love with any of them.

Kapital – Kountry | November Hits

The colder weather has arrived, and it is time to start looking at some warm layers, and some new items from the Kapital skunk-works. 

Continuation of gypsy sleeves, and colorful patch-works puts a dash of color into the shorter days. Rugged sashiko stitching and hearty tweeds will ensure style and warmth.


Hike-Knit sweater-jacket. 


Me wearing the Hike-Knit jacket



Kapital Kountry patchwork legwarmer socks. Adorable.




Kountry Cisco quilt “raspberry” pocket. Reprise of the torn knee.


It looks like these pants are sticking their tounge out at us…



Kountry patchwork scarf. Scraps and rags from old scarfs, remade into a new scarf. Brings out the color of heart and soul.


Gypsy sleeve indigo over-dyed shirt. What can I say?… I love these sleeves. This time scraps from old scarfs were used to construct the sleeves.
Over-dyed indigo will fade gently and show a great texture after a few months.

Denim and Tweed shop coat. Long work jacket, this is a good example of a Texas tuxedo. Tidy tweed and rough and rugged denim. 

An abundance of sashiko stitching details. Gives the whole piece deep texture, and brings out the indigo charm.

Kapital | Kobe Muffler Coordination Idea Book

Here is a little special gift for the scarf and stole wearing season, from the Kapital Kobe store. 

Several different suggestions for wearing a Kapital stole or scarf.


“The Bolero” looks especialy good; can be worn over a jacket or cardigan.


Of course some of these are suggestions for the ladies, but guys don’t feel embarassed to try a few different wraps and use these suggestions as inspiration for other alternatives.



Kapital Socks

Here are a few socks from 2011.


Gogh socks from “Farmy” and “Blue Men”, and shibori socks.