Brown Tabby Works X The Bandanna Almanac

I have been gathering worn out, and faded items over the past few years. Narita-san and I have teamed up to bring these items back to life with a more shibui feel to them. Through detailed repairs we bring out the faded beauty of each item, their individual stories become apparent by keeping the stains and scars. We also add some more function to them by stitching pockets and altering the length of some items. All items and future items are/will be available on my new Etsy site. Kishoten…, means: introduction, development, turn… and the conclusion is up to each customer. From the Japanese 起承転結.

The first item we have completed is this noragi. I wanted to keep the original repairs and fabric on this piece, so we shortened the length and added pockets to the font side. The addition of a blanket pin acts as a closure, to keep the rustic theme.

Brown Tabby Works x Bandanna Almanac 7 Brown Tabby Works x Bandanna Almanac 10 Brown Tabby Works x Bandanna Almanac 8 Brown Tabby Works x Bandanna Almanac 9

The second item is this Red Cross Army vest. The worsted wool in Army green has a mother-made feel to it. Probably because these were hand-knit by housewives and volunteers during the two world wars. This one had several holes in it. So we used some old sock yarn and hand-darned each hold. This adds a little colorful contrast to the otherwise mute khaki green.

Brown Tabby Works x Bandanna Almanac 1 Brown Tabby Works x Bandanna Almanac 2 Brown Tabby Works x Bandanna Almanac 3 Brown Tabby Works x Bandanna Almanac 4 Brown Tabby Works x Bandanna Almanac 5 Brown Tabby Works x Bandanna Almanac 6

The third is my personal favorite. I found a Harley Davidson dude’s Lee Storm Rider. There was a lot of wear and damage to the entire piece that made it very unique. We cut out the back panel and put in a repurposed Chimayo fabric from a Kapital vest. The holes we are all patched with indigo thread. The collar features a nice contrast green corduroy patch, and the blanket lining inside was patched with fabric from a Warner Brothers Costume Department tunic.

Brown Tabby Works x Bandanna Almanac 13 Brown Tabby Works x Bandanna Almanac 12 Brown Tabby Works x Bandanna Almanac 16 Brown Tabby Works x Bandanna Almanac 11 Brown Tabby Works x Bandanna Almanac 15 Brown Tabby Works x Bandanna Almanac 14

Kapital Kountry | Boro Sashiko Vest

This vest looks like something a mountain dye craftsman would wear during the winter months under a thick hanten. Spending all night weaving and repairing clothes by candlelight. Slightly influenced by vintage vests found in the old west.

Indigo patchwork and white sashiko stitching look so incredibly good together here. The design of varying hues of indigo patches, and intricate sashiko stitching look countryside rugged-refined. The back is a subtle indigo duck sashiko fabric. The overall effect is eye-catching but not noisy. The front side of the vest is stuffed with batting as a light weight insulation, just slightly plushy.


Concho buttons.


Sashiko duck fabric slightly faded.


Kapital | Army Quilt Beach Vest

I am sure most people are fairly familiar with Brown’s Beach Jackets. This vest is inspired by those infamous jackets and vests. The familiar quadruple pockets and snaps are the first familiar eye-catching details.

This vest is all in the details. The zigzag stitching on the lower half and the straight vertical stitching on the upper half create a wonderful texture. The OD green is the army, and the stitching is the quilt.

The two-ply cotton wool fabric is both warm and rugged. Surprisingly light-weight will appeal to both sexes.

Beautiful rivets on the pockets, with contrast edging bring out a nostalgic feeling.

Kapital – Attention to Detail

Kountry bags; maybe they were thinking “十人十色”…?


Small accents on straps and knots. I love this sort of scraped-together accent, like using old bed linens or fabric scraps to make something new.


The world biker travel bag. Like a collection of tattoos; memories patched together.


Map patches, biker inspired details.


Army Quilt Vest, 1930’s hunting vest, drab olive base. This is the sort of thing that separates Kapital from all the other brands out there: the ability to take vintage design and combine it with wonderful fabrics.


Kapital | Melton Wool Jet-Vest

A simple reimage of the flight jacket. Melton wool that is soft and warm, lined with a 1940’s style woven-wool. All snaps, with flap-snap pockets on the front. From “Innocent World” collection.


Not sure what the leather arm-pits and loops are for, and would love some insight.


Ribbing on the back.


Unknown Vest

This is a vest I picked up a few years ago. Supposedly it was found in France, an unknown folk-craft. Seems like it’s made from an old oat sack or something. Very thick fiber weave, wooden buttons, and looks like some vest a goat herder would wear.